Uber is launching a new transport service through which doctors can call to consult patients in an easier way

Uber Health is a service announced by the American ride-sharing company that is meant to help doctors and patients. It will be launched in California in the beginning and hospital medical staff can order an Uber if necessary to get the appointment in an easier way.


The service has been in the test since July last year and the time has come for it to be officially launched. Uber Health is not intended to replace ambulances but to supplement them, in order to make it easier for physicians to travel more difficult. The race is ordered directly by the doctor, and the patient is notified by SMS with the time the car arrives.

In the US, more and more patients are turning to Uber to get to hospital, to the detriment of ambulances, for the simple fact that it is more reputable. Uber Health is not an emergency service, as manager Chris Weber says. Even more interesting is that Uber is not in the first health experiment.

In 2014, the US company launched an on-demand influenza vaccine service, which was reachable through the application. The experiment has also been extended to Brazil, and in Singapore it has shipped over a short period of time against smog protection caused by excessive pollution.

Author: Jack Storm
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