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Trend Bump | October 18, 2017

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Realistic Tattoos by Niki Norberg

Realistic Tattoos by Niki Norberg
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Niki Norberg started his tattoo career in 2001. Since 2007, he has worked side by side with Heidi Hay and becomes a part of Gothenburg International Ink Festival (Goth Ink Fest). During 2012, Niki moved to Carl Löfqvist’s reputed Wicked Tattoo studio in Göteborg, Sweden. Niki prefers to work with realistic high level of detail and clear contrasts. You can get in touch with him on his instagram or facebook page.

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  1. Kell

    Man I wish I could make a trip out just to get a tattoo from this person.

  2. thatznotnormal

    This artist is crazy talented. Some of this work reminds me of that trash polka style I hear so much about.

  3. Inkz

    I love the instances of color in these. It is really eye catching; not to mention Niki is crazy talented.

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