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Trend Bump | October 20, 2017

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1,600 Panda Sculptures

September 10, 2013 |

A child sits between 1,600 panda figures from papier mache in front of the main station in Berlin, Germany, Monday, August 5, 2013. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has put 1,600 panda bears in front of the train station for two days to symbolize how few of the animals are still alive in the wild. It is the start of a tour of 25 German cities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the WWF. In photos by Thomas Peter / Reuters. Read More

Honeycomb vase designer

September 2, 2013 |

Slovakian designer Tomáš Libertíny contacted Dezeen after seeing a campaign created by New York creative agency Sid Lee for Dewar’sHighlander Honey whisky, which features 80,000 bees forming a honeycomb sculpture of a whisky bottle and a bust of Dewar’s “drinking man” symbol. Read More

10 LEGO Artworks

August 30, 2013 |

Some artists use paint, others bronze, but Nathan Sawaya chooses to build his awe-inspiring art out of toy building blocks. LEGO® bricks to be exact. The former corporate lawyer quit his job in 2001 to focus on becoming the world’s foremost LEGO artist.

With more than 1.5 million colored bricks in his New York studio, Saway’s sculptures take many forms. Read More

Baitogogo by Henrique Oliveira

August 29, 2013 |

Designed by Henrique Oliveira to look like an impossibly tangled Gordian Knot, the Baitogogo sculpture is installed within an exhibition space at Palais de Tokyo as a mass of tree-like plywood branches.”Creating a spectacular and invasive Gordian Knot, Henrique Oliveira plays with Palais de Tokyo’s architecture, allowing a work that combines the vegetal and the organic,” said the exhibition curators. Read More

The French Banksy

August 26, 2013 |

Although not street art history spans so many years as history painting or sculpture (that if we do not cave drawings in the same boat with walls + spray or collage) have appeared in the current scope, trends and patterns. An example would be Banksy – on whose work you’ve certainly seen at least in our article – English artist who has already come to be an inspiration for other street artists. Of everyone who tries to use it as equal talent and inspiration, French Dran successfully manages to convey powerful messages through his graffiti about contemporary society and is also considered by many The French Banksy. Read More

Impressive Wood Sculptures by Gehard Demetz

August 26, 2013 |

Even if his name would be misleading, Gehard Demetz is actually an Italian artist born in 1972. He made his entry into the world of art in an exhibition in 2005 and drew attention to its work fairly quickly – and rightly so. Even just incredible skill with wood carving traditional technical approach would be impressive enough, but Gehard manipulates wood so that his work representing children fascinate and intrigue you while making you wonder what is the connection between that work the title the artist gave it. Read More

Steel Sculptures

August 14, 2013 |

Bernar Venet is known internationally for his large-scale steel sculptures. His works have been shown in major museums across Europe, the USA and Asia and his public sculptures have been installed in many place such as Cologne, Japan, Norway, Luxembourg, New York and Chicago. Read More

Sugar sculptures for your tea ?

August 6, 2013 |

Los Angeles architects Kyle and Liz von Hasseln have set up a business that produces 3D-printed sugar sculptures for wedding cakes, table centrepieces and pie toppings. The duo founded 3D printing company The Sugar Lab while studying at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), where they graduated last autumn. Read More

Cityscape Sculptures

March 3, 2013 |

James McNabb is a Philadelphia-based artist specializing in woodwork. Together with his wife Stephanie and dog Buster, they are McNabb & Co., a design studio dedicated to developing heirloom quality products. In McNabb’s latest project, entitled City Series, the sculptures depict the outsider’s perspective of the urban landscape. Made entirely of scrap wood, this work is an interpretation of making something out of nothing. Each piece is cut intuitively on a band saw. The result is a collection of architectural forms, each distinctly different from the next. Read More