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Trend Bump | November 21, 2017

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The Bion bike

September 6, 2013 |

The Bion bike its concept bike, created for Europe and USA.  Read More

The Fabulous Frozen Factory

September 2, 2013 |

The Fabulous Frozen Factory, located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico is a new concept in the city that creates ice cream in cryogenic ways.
The interior concept was based in a big ice cream machine inside a warehouse where the costumer can be part of the spectacle of the preparation experience.
The goal was to develop a machine that can delimit the space and divide the program of the table integrating the original graphic developed by MIUNA y Osvany Tolosa in just one element. Read More

New York Bar Oppenheimer

August 29, 2013 |

German artist Tobias Rehberger has created a temporary replica of his favourite Frankfurt bar in a New York hotel and covered the entire thing in bold geometric stripes.The patterns are based on the concept of “dazzle camouflage”, a tactic employed during World War I to make it difficult for soldiers to pinpoint a target. Read More

Whos Your Hero?

August 27, 2013 |

Incredible caricatures by artist Anthony Geoffroy!

Specializing in image communication, I rise on all your graphics development projects offer you an original visual concept mastered. graphics” Read More

Illustrations by Dave Greco

August 25, 2013 |

The first work of Dave Greco I saw it is the first image in this article, and drew our attention and sent it to the new Daft Punk album. Entering the site I found Dave’s other illustrations as good as the first one. This thing convinced us that he deserves a place in our gallery. He worked for EA Tiburon, where he contributed to titles like Madden and Superman Returns, then Kaos Studios where he founded a strong team concept art, and then Kingsisle Entertainment where he works today.
Although David did not publish many of his works (most likely for reasons of copyright), we invite yet on its website (check the bottom of the page), which he promises to update it constantly.

Read More

New Iphone 5 wristband concept

August 7, 2013 |


The  next piece  for Apple’s wearable technology concept, belongs to Federico Ciccarese‘s .This is the trend nowadays, wearable tech, with smartwatches like Pebble, I’m Watch, WIMM One, or even the iPod Nano and smartglasses Google Glass or Olympus MEG4.0, that essentially pair with your smartphone or tablet to display information at your leisure. Read More

Florin Dobre

February 26, 2013 |

Florin Dobre

Florin Dobre was able to present the collection to Behague Palace in Paris, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Romania. His creations have attracted the attention of many Parisian fashion professionals, who were very pleased with the performance of the  designer and want to see more in the future.

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The Miu Miu – London

February 24, 2013 |



Housed in Café Royal, the soon-to-be-opened hotel on Regent Street, The MiuMiu-London is an evocative physical manifestation of the brand’s devotion to femininity. The concept of the women’s club isn’t defined by one singular element; rather, it pulls together variety of experiences that the Miu Miu woman would enjoy. Here, fashion meets culinary, musical and cultural experiences. Read More