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Trend Bump | November 18, 2017

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Austria’s Beautiful Mountainside Thermal Retreat

January 27, 2014 |

Located in Oberlängenfeld, Austria, the Aqua Dome is an impressive contemporary spa and retreat found at the foothills of the area’s scenic mountains. Using the rocky backdrop for inspiration, many of the structures featured at the lodge reflect the shapes and forms found within the surrounding landscape. This includes the spiked roof of the observation tower and the conical structure that connects to the three outside basins. Read More

Shadow Art by Fabrizio Corneli

January 27, 2014 |

The shadow art of Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli is the result of carefully calculated projections of light. Using mathematics to produce each visually compelling and mind-boggling piece of work, Corneli gives life to his seemingly simple, geometric wall extensions with light. He poignantly says, “Light is energy which creates forms.”

Whether Corneli’s piece is a folded sheet of copper casting the negative space of an intricate scene, a suspended triangular lantern expelling a burst of light in the silhouette of a man with outstretched arms, or a few simple stick-like structures on a wall allowing shadows to create the defining contours of animal faces, they each utilize the power of light and shadow to form unforeseeable figures. Read More

Flexible Sculptures by Li Hongbo

January 21, 2014 |

Li Hongbo’s sculptures will make you look twice.  First glance you think they are carved from hard stone, but look again…Hongbo’s sculptures are nothing more than thousand’s of pieces of paper glued together!

Hongbo got his inspiration from Chinese paper toys that become unique shapes when they are pulled.  He brought a few of  the toys home and experimented to see how they worked.

The bust shown here is made from over 30,000 pieces of delicate paper glued together.  He then uses an electric saw to carve the human shape. Read More

Celebrities Illustrations by André Carrilho

January 21, 2014 |

André Carrilho was born on July 26 1974 in Amadora, Portugal. Since 1992 he has worked as a professional designer, illustrator, cartoonist, animator and caricature artist, collaborating with the most important portuguese newspapers and magazines. Read More

Artichair. Natural Chair by Spyros Kizis

January 21, 2014 |

Spyros Kizis young Greek designer presents his creation called Artichair literally a chair and an armchair made ​​from natural fibers.

As part of his training on the side of Edinburgh, he developed a new material, natural fiber combining agricultural waste, biological and derivatives thistles epoxy resin. Read More

Children Transformed Into Hollywood Stars On ‘Golden Globes’ Red Carpet

January 21, 2014 |

New York-based photographer Tricia Messeroux is the founder of Toddlewood, a studio that “transforms everyday kids into superstar celebrities, iconic figures and historic legends”.
In her latest project, Messeroux has recreated the celebrity looks that came down the Golden Globes red carpet—which took place just a few days ago—with young children mostly aged 3 to 6.  Read More

Creative Illustrations by Rayner Alencar

January 21, 2014 |

Taguatinga, Brazil based artist Rayner Alencar created awesome cartoon illustrations with his whimsical imaginings. The characters are wicked and yet lovely. Read More

Digital Art by Gediminas Pranckevicius

January 21, 2014 |

Lithuanian artist Gediminas Pranckevicius created awesome illustrations with his whimsical imaginings. Discover his wicked world! Read More

Aenaon Villas by Giorgos Zacharopoulos

January 21, 2014 |

Aenaon Villas is a luxurious hotel perched atop the rocky hills of Santorini, Greece. It was designed by Giorgos Zacharopoulos and completed in 2009.

“Aenaon villas is situated at the highest and narrowest part of Santorini, right on the edge of the world-famous caldera, and it is open to all four points of the horizon, from east to west. The housing complex, consisting of 7 luxurious villas, is a truly idyllic and unique retreat. The villas’ exterior is built in a traditional style, with the utmost respect for cycladic architecture and in perfect harmony with the natural setting. Inside, the villas are wonderfully spacious, tastefully decorated yet simple and elegant and equipped with all the modern amenities that guarantee a sense of autonomy, comfort and luxury.” Read More

Behind-The-Scenes ‘Star Wars’ Photos On Twitter

January 21, 2014 |

British actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the originalStar Wars trilogy, has gone to Twitter to share some amazing behind-the-scenes photos from the Star Wars movie set.
Besides showing candid shots of the other actors and director George Lucas, Mayhew also provides humorous captions for his photos.  Read More

Military Duffle Bag by Whipping Post

January 21, 2014 |

The Military Duffle Bag is inspired by Ryan´s dad old canvas military duffle bag, it features a top-load style and is made with Wipping Post´s trademark 100% vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully.   Read More

15 Japanese Tattoo Designs

January 7, 2014 |

Tattoos of Japanese style, aka Irezumi, Horimono, are unique and practiced by more and more people who love traditional Japanese cultures. Tattooed mark was used to be performed as punishment in ancient Japan, it has now evolved to a form of modern art as it is known today.

It’s a painful process to get a traditional Japanese tattoo as irezumi is still done traditionally by hand rather than done by needle gun. And the Japanese style tattoos are often subjects covering large area of the body. It’s also a time-consuming process. Read More

Fiber Optic Installations by Carlo Bernardini

January 7, 2014 |

Carlo Bernardini started out his career in the early 90′s with an abstract painting that concentrated on the dialectical relationship between line and monochrome, diversified moments of representative conception of space-light. He started using fiber optics in 1996, transforming dark spaces into abstract light environments. Most of his site-specific installations are based on triangular forms or similar geometric shapes.  Read More

2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Award Winners

January 7, 2014 |

Winners of the 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards have been announced. From Norman Foster’s Atrium Champagne Bar in London to Norm Architects Höst restaurant in Denmark, this year’s winners won’t disappoint. Read More

Eloge de la Stabilité by Nicolas Rivals

January 7, 2014 |

French photographer Nicolas Rivals is based in Paris. In one of his latest series entitled ‘Eloge de la Stabilité’ (In Praise of the Stability) he creates amazing light paintings. Regarding them he associates: ‘There is always hope that even in the depths of night a glimmer will appear.  Read More

Fashionably Dressed Animals – Second Skins by Miguel Vallinas

January 7, 2014 |

When first encountering this body of photographs Madrid-based advertising and industrial photographer Miguel Vallinas it’s easy to view it as a familiar “animals dressed as people” project. But as you look closer you realize it’s quite a bit more than that.

Titled Segundas Pieles (Second Skins), the ongoing series includes some 50+ animals whose personalities seem to be perfectly amplified by their pitch-perfect attire, making the portaits just a bit more human than animal. Read More

Estar Móveis by SuperLimão Studio

January 7, 2014 |

Located in a building on the corner of the street, the store should house the contemporaneity of the collection and the brand ́s new language. It has acted in the market for over 60 years and in this new undertaking, it searches for a new esthetic language printed on its products and also in the architecture.

A honeycomb inspired the hexagonal shape on the facade and this shape allows a better solution for planes and curves situation. The coating was used in some moments in an opaque way and in others as semi-translucent, evoking movement between straight and curved angles. At the same time, shaping the openings sometimes explicit like in the main window and it alludes itself more discretely at times to incite visitation.

The masonry was peeled and exposed crudely and the lighting uses the preexisting structure to its fixation, bringing the highest flexibility possible for the product exhibition at the store. Old existent bricks were kept making a conversation between new and old materials.Inspired by the unusual architectural proposal, the plastic artist Felipe Morozini signs the creative direction of the objects, furniture and the art for ESTAR GABRIEL. Read More

Lenny Kravitz Design for Kartell

January 7, 2014 |

Each spring Salone del Mobile arrives in Milan, bringing with it the world’s top designers, architects and design enthusiasts. Among the many highly anticipated product launches, pop ups and parties, this year saw iconic Italian furniture company Kartell formally introduce a series of pieces designed by both new and known designers, including rock star Lenny Kravitz.

Although better known for his music, Kravitz can include designer on his CV, having founded his own studio,Kravitz Design Inc, in 2003. In recent years he’s been involved with multiple large-scale hotel projects, a collaboration with Swarovski and now, is collaborating with none other than famed design personality Philippe Stark on a new rendition of his Mademoiselle chair. Read More