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Trend Bump | September 23, 2017

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JS Bach Chamber Music Hall by Zaha Hadid

JS Bach Chamber Music Hall by  Zaha Hadid
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Created for the Manchester International Festival.  ZHA has designed a chamber music hall for solo performances of Johann Sebastian Bach’s chamber music masterpieces. The project’s form, a suspended ribbon of translucent lightweight synthetic fabric (150 g/m2) articulated by an internal steel structure, translates the intricate relationships of  Bach’s harmonies into an architectural spatial condition. This voluminous ribbon swirls within the room, carving out a spatial and visual response to the intricate relationships of Bach’s harmonies.

Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-01-600x327 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-04 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-03 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-02 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-06 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-07 (1) Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-08 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-09 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-10 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-11 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-12 Arch2O-Zaha-Hadid-Bach-Hall-13




  1. Ron S.

    Amazing work. Zaha is one piece of architecture hero.

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