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Trend Bump | October 18, 2017

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Estar Móveis by SuperLimão Studio

Estar Móveis  by SuperLimão Studio
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Located in a building on the corner of the street, the store should house the contemporaneity of the collection and the brand ́s new language. It has acted in the market for over 60 years and in this new undertaking, it searches for a new esthetic language printed on its products and also in the architecture.

A honeycomb inspired the hexagonal shape on the facade and this shape allows a better solution for planes and curves situation. The coating was used in some moments in an opaque way and in others as semi-translucent, evoking movement between straight and curved angles. At the same time, shaping the openings sometimes explicit like in the main window and it alludes itself more discretely at times to incite visitation.

The masonry was peeled and exposed crudely and the lighting uses the preexisting structure to its fixation, bringing the highest flexibility possible for the product exhibition at the store. Old existent bricks were kept making a conversation between new and old materials.Inspired by the unusual architectural proposal, the plastic artist Felipe Morozini signs the creative direction of the objects, furniture and the art for ESTAR GABRIEL.52b34cf9e8e44ec6f600003f_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-4-530x353 52b34d87e8e44e5f0200003b_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-19-530x675 52b34d35e8e44e5f02000036_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-9-530x682 52b34d11e8e44e5f02000034_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-5-530x81452b34d36e8e44ec6f6000042_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-10-1000x619 52b34d77e8e44e5f0200003a_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-17-685x1000 52b34d66e8e44e5f02000039_estar-m-veis-superlim-o-studio_estar_moveis_-_superlimao_studio-16-771x1000



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