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Trend Bump | September 23, 2017

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Eloge de la Stabilité by Nicolas Rivals

Eloge de la Stabilité by Nicolas Rivals
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French photographer Nicolas Rivals is based in Paris. In one of his latest series entitled ‘Eloge de la Stabilité’ (In Praise of the Stability) he creates amazing light paintings. Regarding them he associates: ‘There is always hope that even in the depths of night a glimmer will appear. Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-01 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-03 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-04 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-05Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-06 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-12 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-11 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-10 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-09 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-08 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-07Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-13 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-14 Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilitÇ-15



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