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Trend Bump | November 20, 2017

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Inspiring Fashion Sketches

Inspiring Fashion Sketches
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Fashion sketch is always a good method of recording or working out ideas for fashion design – the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.
It’s more free for the designer to demonstrate his/her idea on the sketchbook as the model is under his/pen pencil and it’s free to use any color, clothes and even hairstyles.

3-fashion-sketches-by-Karolyn-Adrieu 2-fashion-sketches-by-Karolyn-Adrieu 1-fashion-sketches-by-Karolyn-Adrieu4-fashion-sketches-by-Caroline-Andrieu 6-fashion-sketches-by-Caroline-Andrieu 7-fashion-sketches-by-Caroline-Andrieu8-fashion-sketches-by-Inslee-Haynes 11-fashion-sketches-by-shadesofeleven 9-fashion-sketches-by-Inslee-Haynes17-fashion-sketches-by-alextangweihao 26-fashion-sketches-by-Mustafa-Soydan 25-fashion-sketches-by-Mustafa-Soydan27-fashion-sketches-by-Fernando-Vicente 29-fashion-sketches-by-Ëlodie 28-fashion-sketches-by-Fernando-Vicente31-fashion-sketches-by-Shandra-Suy 48-fashion-sketches



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