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Trend Bump | October 18, 2017

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Elle – E-waste Jewelry by Marcele Godoy

Elle – E-waste Jewelry by Marcele Godoy
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“Inspired by everyday electronic devices and the speed with which they are discarded nowadays, this collection rescues electronic waste, transforming it into an ornament that can be used with a new meaning. Every necklace has been handcrafted reusing wires, plugs and electric nuts, pursuing to contribute a little bit taking care for the environment.”elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_05-620x413 elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_07-620x413 elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_08-620x413elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_09-620x413 elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_11-620x413 elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_10elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_03 elle_e_waste_jewelry_marcele_godoy_02-620x412



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