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Trend Bump | July 20, 2017

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Curvaceous Dynamic Shapes

Curvaceous Dynamic Shapes
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Matthias Pliessnig is a Philadelphia designer who sought inspiration in the old technique of steam bending once used for building bows and boats. By using heated vapors the designer shapes wood into organic, unique ways,creating in the end beautiful, intriguing structures that can better express the nature of wood.His pieces are curvaceous benches that express a certain fluidity contrary to their purpose of sitting.

Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-1-700x325 Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-3 Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-4Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-6 Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-9 Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-7Matthias-Pliessnig-Steam-Bent-Wooden-homesthetics.net2-10



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