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Trend Bump | October 18, 2017

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Austria’s Beautiful Mountainside Thermal Retreat

January 27, 2014 |

Located in Oberlängenfeld, Austria, the Aqua Dome is an impressive contemporary spa and retreat found at the foothills of the area’s scenic mountains. Using the rocky backdrop for inspiration, many of the structures featured at the lodge reflect the shapes and forms found within the surrounding landscape. This includes the spiked roof of the observation tower and the conical structure that connects to the three outside basins. Read More

10 Moments When Humans Choose Compassion Over Violence

January 5, 2014 | 1

Brazilian protester carrying an injured officer to safety [Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012]

Read More

Jet Capsule Luxury Yacht

December 16, 2013 |

Designed by Italy based Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the Jet Capsule measures in at just 7.5 meters long. Don’t let its small size fool you though. The vessel provides seating for up to 7, with a fully customizable seating area. The fiberglass constructed hull allows the 325 horsepower Yammar diesel engine to propel the boat through the water at speeds of up to 25 knots. The futuristic design was inspired by space ships, and even features a rooftop lounge bad for catching some rays.  Read More

Old Romania Salt Mines Converted Into 370ft Deep Museum

December 9, 2013 |

Inside the old Salina Turda Salt Mines located in Transylvania, Romania, stands the world’s largest salt mine museum. Originally established in the 17th century, the massive mines were formed completely by hand and machine rather than by using explosives. Visitors are invited to descend as far down as almost 400 feet into the Earth in order to witness the history of the trade.   Throughout the cool interior, which averages about 50-55˚F with 80% humidity, there are a variety of mines, rooms, and spaces to be explored. At almost 140 feet down, Rudolph Mine offers a 180-seat amphitheater, a carousel, ping-pong tables, basketball hoops, mini-golf, and bowling. Old machinery still stands within the underground expanse and some of it is used to lead people on tours.  Theresa Mine, at 370 feet deep, provides access to a small lake where boats can be rented and a rotating wheel allows visitors to see the stalagmites throughout the cave. Finally, the Gisela Mine (the stationary room) functions as an area for health treatments that draws upon and takes advantage of the mine’s optimal climate. Read More

Luxury Dog Hotel Accommodations in Malaysia

November 26, 2013 |

This particular hotel offers up rooms for the dogs, crafted in a contemporary ‘Snoopy’ style shape of concrete with a peaked roof. WHBC Architects created this lush green space for Fido and friends where there is more than enough space to roam, frolic and play.  Read More

10 Most Exciting Casino

November 15, 2013 |

 Here are the Top 10 must-visit casino vacation destinations. Read More

Photographer Jon Wyatt

October 20, 2013 |

Jon Wyatt – London based landscape photographer. Shoots mountains, forests, seas and cities. Collaborates with respected publications as the Sunday Times, 125 Magazine, Men’s Health, Sunday Telegraph, The Observer and etc. Read More

White on Black by Jan Erik Waider

October 20, 2013 |

German photographer Jan Erik Waider shoots Greenland landscapes with the islands from ice towers on the background of uncertain horizons. Read More

Great Escapes On Planet Earth #3

October 20, 2013 |

Photographer Wayne Simpson of Ontario, shot  the amesowe, picturesque landscapes of Canada. Each image is a beautiful space covered pristine white snow. Read More

Great Escapes On Planet Earth #2

October 17, 2013 |

Take a deep breath and prepare for a visually rich voyage to some of the most incredible destinations the world overThe pictures that make up the digital wanderlust include the work of famous photographers such as Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Steve McCurry as well as people who have uploaded and shared their travel images on their 500px and Flickr profiles.  Read More

Great Escapes On Planet Earth #1

October 17, 2013 |

The pictures that make up the digital wanderlust include the work of famous photographers such as Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Steve McCurry as well as people who have uploaded and shared their travel images on their 500px and Flickr profiles. So whether you’re interested in discovering Easter Island’s Rapa Nui culture in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or literally breathing in the rejuvenating fresh air of the Iguazu Falls on the borders of Brazil and Argentina. Read More


September 29, 2013 |

Designed by Redverz Gear, this spacious tent not only provides shelter for 2 adults, but also allows you a “garage” for your motorbike or bicycle making it perfect for not both storage and making repairs. There are two doors to enter and exit the tent along with hooped pole configuration to withstand high winds and increase interior space. Read More

Inflatable Wedge Tent by Heimplanet

September 29, 2013 |

Essentially a less bulky, more streamlined version of the Cave, the Wedge is also inflatable, which is quickly starting to become the industry standard. The 48 square feet of space is roomy enough for 2 people to not only sleep, but store a small amount of baggage and gear as well thanks to the inner pockets lining the tent Read More

The Iglu Hotel

September 24, 2013 |

Here is  a carefully designed environment made of glistening snow crystals – rebuilt every season from 3000 tons of snow at six locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees. A vivid product for exciting events and one of the most innovative hotel concepts of our times – CO2-neutral and sustainable. Read More

Photography by Xavier Jamonet

September 16, 2013 |

Xavier Jamonet is an amazing lansdcape photographer, born in 1982 in the Drôme, currently living and working in Lyon, France. As you may see below, Xavier loves to spend time shooting in the Alps. Read More

Discover Australia

September 11, 2013 |

Annabel Trends commissioned me to update the traditional Australian souvenir map to be used across a host of homewares and travel goods. After a lot of time spent on Google Earth and going through old high school geography books, this was the outcome…

Jimmy Gleeson Read More

Qatar`s Hosting Idea-Floating Hotels

September 2, 2013 |

As Qatar will host the World Cup in 2022 they also have a radical and quite functional plan, one that would float above other and will float literally.
Considering that they`re planning to create several floating hotels that would host around 25,000 people along with utilities and services and most important ,they`re own transportation system on water, the questions and criticism are as huge as the plan. Read More

Countries, Kids and Toys

August 16, 2013 |

Ralf – Riga, Latvia

No matter where they come from, kids have their own preferences when it comes to toys. Read More