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Trend Bump | November 18, 2017

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John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela

January 13, 2015 |

Almost 4 years from his departure from Dior and only 100 people invited to his first couture show for Maison Martin Margiela, John Galliano was back in business. The collection is called Artisan and took place in London at five o’clock.

His collection was flamboyant, and was described by Red magazine as ‘A mixture of Belgian chic, Parisian couture and a Galliano wild streak this #MargielaMonday hasn’t been a boring one!’  Read More

Shoe Designer Anastasia Radevich

January 12, 2015 |

Anastasia Radevich is of Belarusian origin but a Montreal-based shoe designer who looks at the world in a different and courageous way. She is inspired by the work of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen (she was hired by him when she appeared at his studio door) and she collaborated with well-know brands as Zara, Aldo and shoe designers like Nicholas Kirkwood. Read More

Military Duffle Bag by Whipping Post

January 21, 2014 |

The Military Duffle Bag is inspired by Ryan´s dad old canvas military duffle bag, it features a top-load style and is made with Wipping Post´s trademark 100% vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully.   Read More

Black Numbered Bag by Martin Azua

December 17, 2013 |

“A backpack bag which transforms from 2D into 3D with the simple gesture of pulling the zip up. The straps can be easily adjusted in order to carry it as a backpack or shoulder bag, and they also allow holding home keys which will always be on the top part of the bag. You pull the keys to use them, and they come back to their place when the straps are stretched.” Read More

Inspiring Fashion Sketches

December 10, 2013 |

Fashion sketch is always a good method of recording or working out ideas for fashion design – the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.
It’s more free for the designer to demonstrate his/her idea on the sketchbook as the model is under his/pen pencil and it’s free to use any color, clothes and even hairstyles. Read More

Bolts Action x Nixon 2013 Capsule Collection

November 29, 2013 |

The Bolts Action Collection by Nixon was produced in limited quantities and includes the Corporal watch, a bi-fold leather wallet, along with the all new solid steel bolts keychain. These products are uniquely finished using handcut Horween leather combined with a unique finishing process for a Nixon unlike available. There were only 30 of these made and only a small portion of those are for sale. Each watch is hand numbered and signed by the designers. Read More

Luxury Bags Made With Poisonous Toad Skins

November 29, 2013 |

Inspired by the childhood fairytales her grandmother shared with her, Monika Jarosz, the creative talent behind the KOBJA line, has been experimenting with toad skin at an early age. Creating these high quality leather pieces takes a considerable amount of time and energy – there are more than 14 stages before the final product is produced. The skins are prepared in Australia then shipped off to France for color treatment and stitching.    Currently, the collection is being sold all across the world, and has garnered enough public fascination for the company to charge a hefty price. Depending on the size of the accessory, the price ranges from $275 to $1,600 USD. Read More

La Fonction N°1 Satchel by Piks Design

November 27, 2013 |

La Fonction no. 1 is produced in a French leather-goods workshop in the Cévennes – a modestly-sized business where each model is produced as if it were unique. The result of several days’ labour, a long time is required for its complex assembly combining high-quality leathers with highly-resistant fabric.” Read More

Elle – E-waste Jewelry by Marcele Godoy

November 27, 2013 |

“Inspired by everyday electronic devices and the speed with which they are discarded nowadays, this collection rescues electronic waste, transforming it into an ornament that can be used with a new meaning. Every necklace has been handcrafted reusing wires, plugs and electric nuts, pursuing to contribute a little bit taking care for the environment.” Read More

Flowers in December by Phuong My

November 26, 2013 |

Fashion editorial featuring Kwak Ji Young photographed by Zhang Jingna for Phuong My FW13/14 in New York City. Read More

Brazilian Converse Collection by Isolda

November 13, 2013 |

American footwear mainstay Converse teams up with Brazilian fashion brand Isolda on a sneaker range celebrating Brazil’s vibrant culture. The collaboration applies a bold palette of watercolors and exotic hues to three iconic sneaker silhouettes from the Converse archive – the Converse Chuck Taylor, the Converse CONS Auckland Racer and the Converse CONS Skidgrip. Read More

Breaking Bad Sneakers

October 23, 2013 |

Becoming more of an addiction rather than a TV show, the true fans out there will rush and order, no doubt. Pure crystal meth at your feet! If you’re still watching the show, please mind the Spoiler Alert!

Read More

Fashion Logos by Mike Frederiqo

October 22, 2013 |

Classic fashion logos for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren get a lot more personality in the hands of Dutch designer Mike Frederiqo, who created this series of images that morph the famous designers into their iconic emblems. Read More

Fashion in Leaves by Tang Chiew Ling

October 20, 2013 |

Asked about his project, the artist said: “Fashion in Leaf was inspired by leaf and fashion. I was wondering does fashion can be part of leaf art as I’m interested in fashion. The most challlenging in this project was how to apply leaf to dress! However, I tried to find some more special leaf this time to make the “dress” looks elegant. I was very surprised to get those such beautiful leaves in a garden. I never thought the leaves can be so beautiful, some of them are full of structures, patterns and lines on it, different colors in a leaf, even is withered leaves. So, I applied them into different types of dresses according to the different types of leaves.”

Read More

Stylish and brutal Brad Pitt for Esquire

October 20, 2013 |

After stylish photoshoot with Leonardo Di Caprio, Esquire invited Brad Pitt on the new cover of the magazine. And for his 49 years he looks great! Make it sure by looking at the photoshoot of the new Esquire’s issue at FreeYork. Read More

Lana Del Rey for “Fashion”

October 20, 2013 |

Lana Del Rey appeared in a cover of the Canadian edition of “Fashion”. Lana dressed from Sally Lapointe, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana for the photo-shoot. Read More

Lady Gaga for Elle US

October 20, 2013 |

Scandalous singer Lady Gaga has been photographed on October cover of Elle US by Ruth Hogben. Read More

Benedict Cumberbatch for Esquire US

October 20, 2013 |

The star of “Sherlock” BBC TV-Show and “The Fifth Estate”, Benedict Cumberbatch has been photographed on November cover of Esquire US. Read More