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Trend Bump | November 18, 2017

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Cool gadgets

Bookbook Travel Journal by TWELVE SOUTH

December 4, 2013 |

The BookBook Travel Journal’s two hardback book covers and rigid spine mean your precious tablet will stay safe. It also offers dual zippers and a plethora of pockets and straps to protect your headphones, adapters, chargers, batteries and  cables. Read More

Pencil Stylus by Fiftythree

November 27, 2013 | 1

Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper—a beautiful blend of advanced technology and crafted design. Pencil’s special expressive features: Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection, open up a whole new world of creative possibilities in Paper. Read More

Pixelstick – Light Painting Evolved

October 30, 2013 |

Designed by Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Brookyln-based BitBanger Labs, the Pixelstick is a fancy new gadget for creating long-exposure light paintings. The device reads digital images created in Photoshop (or any other editor) and displays them one line at a time through an array of 198 full-color RGB LEDs. The images can be any height up to 198 pixels tall and many thousands of pixels wide creating huge possibilities for visual effects. You can see more example images created with the device here and learn more about it on Kickstarter.

Read More

TheQ Social Camera

October 21, 2013 |

TheQ camera is crowned the “world’s first social camera,” and seeing that everything is social these days, we knew it was only a matter of time before something like this was invented. After snapping a shot, your photos are automatically uploaded to the internet, where you are allowed to store an unlimited number of snapshots in theQ lab. The camera is simple in both form and function, and has been equipped with features like a five megapixel sensor, manual focus wheel, ring flash, built-in 3G and did we mention it’s completely waterproof? The camera is offered up in 9 themed colors. Read More

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

October 21, 2013 |

The French brand at Handpresso have released similar products in the past, but this was designed specifically for concocting a quick espresso in your vehicle, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug the device into your car’s 12v cigarette lighter, add water along with your coffee pod of choice, press the button, and there you have it. Read More

Luna Concrete Skin for Iphone 5

October 21, 2013 |

While it is constructed from concrete, the team at Posh Projects have managed to keep the weight down with this sleek backing. The design was inspired by the craters on the moon, and the brand guarantees that no two cases are alike. Read More

KII: Lightning Cable Keychain Charger for Iphone

October 21, 2013 |

Simple in design, yet efficient in form, this little dongle is a savior for situations like the one we just described. The dongle can be attached to a keychain, and when you need to charge up your iPhone, just connect the lightning cable into a USB port, and let the juices flow. The Kii was created by the team at Blue Lounge  Read More

Belkin Grip Power Battery Case for Iphone 5

October 21, 2013 |

Designed specifically for the iPhone 5, this protective case doubles a built-in, additional battery pack. The 2000 mAh battery capacity is stated to nearly double your iPhone’s battery life, so now you might be able to make it till sundown. The shock resistant bumper lining the case will help protect your device in case an accident, while the Anti-Glare Camera Ring ensures that you can keep taking those solid food shots for Instagram without any issues. Read More

Leap Motion Touch Free Controller

October 21, 2013 |

Touchscreen devices are great and all, but sticky fingers leave behind dirt, grime, and those hard to clean streaks across the screen of your device. Leap Motion offers a new touch free solution for both PC and Mac users, allowing users to simply wave their hand and lift their fingers to control their device. From the looks of the video, the actual movements are similar to those you would normally make on a touchscreen device, but without ever actually having to touch the screen.  This revolutionary gadget will be available from July 29th, and will retail for about $80.  Read More

Cool Gadgets of the week #1

October 16, 2013 | 1

Hello and Welcome to our new Trending Category which features awesome handpicked Gadgets that you can actually buy! Our Staff Pick for this week are:

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Star Wars Pancake Molds

October 1, 2013 |

Become a certified Jedi Kitchen Master with this Star Wars Heroes & Villains Pancake Molds set from the team at Williams-Sonoma.The set includes three nonstick steel pancake molds shaped like some of our favorite characters from the galaxy far, far away including Master Yoda, Darth Vader, and of course a stormtrooper helmet. Read More

Aluminum Gasket V8 Iphone5 Case

September 29, 2013 |

The designers at id America have returned to the iPhone accessories market, and as usual their offering is nothing short of awesome. Built from a high quality, brushed lightweight aluminum mated to a suede backing, this V8 inspired gasket iPhone case is perfect for the gear head in you.  Read More

Game of Thrones Sigil Cookie Cutter Set

September 29, 2013 |

These Game of Thrones Sigil Cookie Cutters allow you to make baked goods paying homage to your favorite family.The set includes 4 different cookie cutters; House Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryen, and  House Stark. Read More

Apple Iphone6 Concept

September 29, 2013 |

The phone sports straight sides, and square corners, along with some nice touches of chrome to provide some contrast to the black base. The Nano slot and 3.5 mm jack are located along the right side of the phone, while the speaker connector is located at the bottom. The power button has been moved from the top to the left hand side, where the volume buttons also reside. Read More

Pop Desk

September 25, 2013 |

The ‘POP Desk’ is an ingenious accessory that transforms your smartphone into a classic desk phone.Inspired by the designs of traditional phone sets, the ‘POP Desk’ comes with a hand receiver and elevated stand with an anti-slip, rubberized platform. The receiver connects to the stand through a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which means you can plug it to your tablet or computer for use during Skype or Google Hangout sessions, making it a multi-functional device. Read More

Anatomy of Gadgets

September 25, 2013 |

Mads Peitersen is a multimedia artist in Denmark has created a series of illustrations feature  popular electronics such as the iPhone and a  game controller, dissected to  reveal human-like  body  parts such as bones and livers. Read More

iPhone 6 Concept

September 10, 2013 |

The only way to create a true edge-to-edge display is to remove the edge all together. This lokks real0! iPhone 6 design concept by Johnny Plaid. Read More

ROX – The Eternal Ice Cube

September 10, 2013 |

ROX are the perfect way to bring your beverage to its ideal drinking temperature and keep it there without watering down your drink. ROX are made from 100% Soapstone, a non-porous, odorless, and inert stone that will retain a neutral taste in your freezer, unlike ice cubes. Soapstone has a high thermal mass, giving it the natural ability to retain its temperature for extended periods of time. For Centuries, people have been using soapstone to cook food and keep warm. Now we’re using these stones to keep cool. As Bob Dylan would say, “Times they are a changin”. Read More