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Trend Bump | October 20, 2017

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Isay Weinfeld Designs Casa Cubo

Isay Weinfeld Designs Casa Cubo
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The realization of Isay Weinfeld’s Casa Cubo is the mutual vision of the Brazilian architect and the home owners; two contemporary art collectors. Conceived from the belief that art should be shared, Casa Cubo is a lodging and support center to artists and the development of the arts, but with all necessary facilities to serve as a home.

The ultimate highlight of the space is the unexpected employment of art pieces scattered throughout the interiors. Artist Antony Gormley’s headless human-like sculptures carved from lead and fiberglass are secured into the ceiling, dangling by their necks. Custom furnishings, hand-stitched quilts, and bespoke railings all act as individual and unique art pieces within the gallery.Casa-Cubo-Isay-Weinfeld-Brazil-Architecture-1 Casa-Cubo-Isay-Weinfeld-Brazil-Architecture-6 Casa-Cubo-Isay-Weinfeld-Brazil-Architecture-2Casa-Cubo-Isay-Weinfeld-Brazil-Architecture-3 Casa-Cubo-Isay-Weinfeld-Brazil-Architecture-5





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