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Trend Bump | November 20, 2017

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C215 Inspiration

C215 Inspiration
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MANIFEST – statement or form of communication through which the head of state, government, political party, an artist, etc.. publicly disclose their program decisions, concepts etc. C215, real name Christian Guémy is a street-artist originally from France, urban art considered by consumers as “France’s answer to Bansky’s art.”

C215’s work present both on walls around the world as well as art galleries might fit in two categories: ignorance of society and love, the former being more pronounced as the artist tries to attract attention through graffiti the beggars, street children, refugees, elderly and all those whom society has turned its back thus closing any loophole. We must recognize that we admire idealism and hope that eventually his work will achieve its goal and make a change. Until then we invite you for a walk through the world’s Photo stream encourage staff to C215 in the mission that harnessed.


  1. Savage Joe

    This artist should be promoted a lot more!

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