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Trend Bump | November 18, 2017

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The new Prouvé RAW Office collection: a tribute to pure industrial style

The new Prouvé RAW Office collection: a tribute to pure industrial style
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These days, it’s a growing trend among large companies to assert individuality by arranging seats in harmony with the brand values and culture. When famous denim brand G-Star RAW has built new offices in Amsterdam last year in an industrial building under the famous signature of Rem Koolhaas, the choice of furniture came as a challenge.


The ideal solution for the Dutch was born after the collaboration with the Swiss company Vitra, the resumption of office furniture created more than 70 years ago by Jean Prouvé, one of the most influential designers and architects of the last century.


The design logic, using pure materials, prioritization functionality without compromising the aesthetic factor, are some of the principles that were the basis Prouvé philosophy. Just like denim pieces under his signature enhance their charm over time. There are some principles that correspond to the full G-Star brand identity which harmonizes perfectly with the brand Koolhaas architectural style.




Thanks to the Centre Pompidou, drawings from the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and working closely with his family Prouvé, G-Star and Vitra have developed a new range of materials and finishes to build this collection.




Prouvé RAW Office includes updated versions of the furniture and lighting created by Jean Prouvé for the 40’s French corporations. Made of steel and wood in shades of gray, brown and green industrial parts have been adapted to the working of the times: holes for cables and plugs, slightly higher height adjustable foot.



Intended initially for G-Star RAW offices, parts entered this year in a limited series production are valid until 2016. Anyone who wants a single office, and any collector or fan of retro style / industrial brand Prouvé can enjoy the return of the industrial furniture.



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